Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL

When importing data into a table from a number of services it is necessary to use OAuth as the authentication mechanism. Matillion ETL abstracts the OAuth setup for all OAuth API’s to make this process as easy as possible.

A list of Data Stagers and their OAuth guides can be found here. Those Data Stagers with OAuth articles will generally need to go through the Manage OAuth menu in the Matillion ETL client. Below we show a very general description of adding an OAuth through the OAuth Manager but we recommend reading the individual 3rd Party OAuth documents found in the Data Stagers list.

1. To get started with any of the above API’s first perform the Third Party OAuth setup for the relevant API provider. Then follow the instructions below:

2. Select ProjectManage Oath On the Manage OAuth Screen select the icon to create a new OAuth entry.


3. On the Create OAuth Entry screen select the service from the dropdown menu and enter a friendly name for the connection then select OK

4. Enter the OAuth details as prompted. Different services will have different required details and their Attainment is outlined in the relevant 3rd Party OAuth article.

5. Click OK to complete the setup. Often, Matillion ETL will generate an Authorisation link that you must follow and authorise the Matillion ETL Application to access your data.

Note: Google OAuth may request access to multiple Google services such as YouTube, Adwords, Analytics and Sheets, even though you might not use such services yourself. This is because the Google 3rd Party OAuth is responsible for authorising many different components in Matillion ETL at once.

Once this process is complete you should see “Authorisation successful". This credential will now be available for use in Components related to this service.