Twitter 3rd Party OAuth Setup

In order to connect to your Twitter data, Matillion ETL requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ETL you first need to enable it in your Twitter account. To do this 
  • Enter the following
    • Name - “Matillion ETL"
    • Description - "Used for Matillion ETL to access twitter data"
    • Website - ""
    • Callback URL - "https://<Matillion ETL Hostname>/oauth_redirect.html"
  • The callback URL is very important because this is used by the client to pass your authentication token back to Matillion ETL once you are logged in.
  • Agree to the with the Developer Agreement and click Create your Twitter application.
  • Once the account has been created select Keys and Access Tokens

  • Record your Consumer key and Consumer Secret. These will be required to setup OAuth in Matillion ETL. The Consumer Key will be used as the Client ID and Consumer Secret will be used as the Client Secret.
  • See Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL to finish the configuration.