Twitter 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Note: If you have not already done so, you may be required to apply to Twitter for authorisation to develop Apps. This can take some time and is, unfortunately, entirely beyond Matillion's control.

In order to connect to your Twitter data, Matillion ETL requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ETL you first need to enable it in your Twitter account. To do this:

1. Navigate to the Apps section of your Twitter Developer account.

1.b. Alternatively, log in to your Developer account and then navigate to the Apps page via the dropdown menu.

2. Click Create an App

3. Fill out the App form, at least in the required sections.

Name: Any arbitrary name for your new App.
Description: Any arbitrary description for your new App.
Website: The website associated with this App. Since Matillion ETL will not use this App to create tweets, a placeholder is adequate.
Callback URL: The OAuth redirect URL for your Matillion ETL instance. This takes the following format:

Where <InstanceAddress> is the URL or IP of your Matillion ETL instance.

The callback URL is very important because this is used by the client to pass your authentication token back to Matillion ETL once you are logged in.

Enabled Sign in with Twitter can remain unchecked.

4. Agree to the with the Developer Agreement to complete your App creation.

5. From the Apps page, click Details to view your App.

6. From your App Details page, click the Keys and tokens tab.

7. Under Consumer API keys, make a note of your API key and API secret key.

8. From the Manage OAuth screen in your Matillion ETL instance, you can set up a Twitter OAuth and use the API key and API secret key you just took from the App as the Client ID and Client Secret, respectively.

For more information on completing your OAuth setup within the Matillion ETL client, see Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL.