Facebook 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Facebook 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Note: We suggest leaving the App permanently in development mode, as the App will be incompatible with Matillion ETL if it is promoted to live.

Note: OAuth Tokens for Facebook will eventually expire and require remaking. It is outside of Matillion's control to remedy this. You can, however, extend and refresh existing tokens.

In order to connect to your Facebook data, Matillion ETL requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ELT you first need to enable it in your Facebook account.

1. Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps

2. Log in with your normal Facebook credentials.

3. Select + Add a New App at the top-right.

4. Enter any name for the app e.g. “Matillion ETL”, enter an appropriate email address and click Create App ID.

4. You will be taken to the page for this new app. Add the Facebook Login product.

5. There is no real setup required for the Facebook Login product. Simply give any details you wish and continue through each of the 5 sections. 

6. Now browse to Settings for the Facebook Login product on your App. Enter the redirect URL given on your Matillion ETL instance's Manage OAuth screen. This will take the format:
https://<instance address>/oauth_redirect.html

Note that this MUST be from a secured (HTTPS) address and the instance address must not be an IP address.

7. Add the Marketing API product in the same way. This requires no further configuration.

8. Remember to Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Then navigate to Settings Basic for the App. Use the App ID as the Client ID and the App Secret as Client Secret in Matillion ETL. 

Next see Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL to finish the configuration. Note that when completing the OAuth in Matillion ETL, Facebook will ask for confirmation of your setup.

Please do note hesitate to contact support if you encounter any problems.