Facebook 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Facebook 3rd Party OAuth Setup

In order to connect to your Facebook data, Matillion ETL requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ELT you first need to enable it in your Facebook account.

1. Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps

2. Log in with your normal Facebook credentials.

3. Select + Create New App from the top-left menu.

4. Enter any name for the app e.g. “Matillion ETL”, Set the Category to Business and click Create App ID. This will load the application dashboard.

4. To enable OAuth first you need to allow the redirect URL.

5. Navigate to Settings -> BasicAt the bottom of the page, you must add a platform of the type 'Website'. In this field, enter the URL of your Matillion instance. Adding '/Oauth_redirect.html' to the end of the URL is optional.

6. Now enter the same URL into the 'App Domains' field further up the same Settings page.

7. The same page holds the App ID and Secret for this application. Use the App ID as the Client ID and the App Secret as Client Secret in Matillion ETL. 

Next see Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL to finish the configuration. Note that when completing the OAuth in Matillion ETL, Facebook will ask for confirmation of your setup.

Additional: To enable OAuth you may need to browse to 'Facebook Login' under 'Products' on the left-hand menu of the Facebook developer console. Here  You can enable Client and Web Oauth Login and add your Matillion instance address to the Valid Oauth Redirect URIs as below.