Hubspot 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Hubspot 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Note this guide assumes you already have a Hubspot marketing account set up that you want to source data from.

In order to connect to your Hubspot data, Matillion ETL requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ETL you first need to enable it in your Hubspot account. For Hubspot OAuth you require 2 things: Client ID and Client secret.


1. Log in to Hubspot's developer site. And Create a developer account. Use the same email address as you use to log into Hubspot.

2. When you log into Hubspot, will be prompted to choose an account. Choose the newly-created developer account. This will put you into the developer portal.

3. Click 'Create Application' at the top-right of the page. If this does not appear, you have likely selected a marketing or sales account rather than a developer account.

4. Enter any name and select 'Public'.

5. Once back on the list of Apps, find your newly-created app and click the 'Edit' button beside it.

6. Inside the app details screen, make note of the Client ID and Client secret listed at the bottom.

Now that you have the required information, next see Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL to finish the configuration. You will be asked to follow an authorization link that you will connect to the account you wish to source data from. Note that your redirect URL must be from a secure (https) address.