Environment Settings


An environment describes a single connection to a database on which Matillion ETL jobs can be run. Many different environments can be set up at once is specified at the user-level, meaning different users can use different environments on a single instance. Jobs run by that user run within the environment currently in use.

Before starting any job with Matillion ETL, the user must have set up an Environment. To begin, right click on the Environments field at the lower-left corner of the Matillion ETL window. Select 'Add Environment'.

A new window will appear, prompting the user to input vital information regarding the database to be connected to.

Matillion ETL requires access to different platform-specific resources to complete certain functions and each environment is set up to access these resources. By default, Matillion ETL will attempt to use the instance credentials to discover available resources. However, users can also define their own credentials from within the Matillion ETL client by clicking the 'Manage Credentials' button to open a new window. See Managing Credentials for more information.

Returning to the Create Environment window, if the credentials are correct, all Matillion ETL needs is the name of the Project and Database to be set as default. Clicking 'Test' will allow Matillion ETL to check the credentials and entered details and inform the user if any problems exist.

Returning to the Create Environment window, if the credentials have been entered correctly (even if that means using the instance credentials), the 'Cluster' drop down field will list all clusters available to the instance (note: this is region specific). Choosing a cluster will autocomplete all available information except for the required password.

If a password has been previously set up, it can be selected from the drop down Password field. Otherwise, click 'Manage' to add or edit passwords for this instance. All passwords set up here can be used throughout Matillion ETL in various components and it can be a good idea to set up all required passwords at this point.

New passwords are added by clicking the + icon. Existing passwords can have their descriptions and passwords edited using the pencil or padlock icon, respectively.

Clicking 'OK' will return the user to the Manage Environment. The environment can be tested using the Test button at the bottom of the window, which will report a success or a failure, usually with an error.

Multiple environments can be set up in this way. Although only a single environment can be selected at a given time, they can be moved between at will. To select your new environment, right click on it in the Environments list at the bottom right corner of Matillion ETL and click 'Select'.