Mailchimp 3rd Party OAuth Setup


In order to connect to your Facebook data Matillion requires that OAuth is configured. Before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ETL you first need to enable it in your Facebook account.

1. Login to your Mailchimp account.

2. Select 'Account' from the dropdown menu at the upper right.

3. Select Extras API Keys.

4. Select 'Register and Manage Your Apps' from underneath the 'Developing an app?' title.

5.  A new app may be registered by selecting "Register An App" or an existing app can be editing by selecting the 'Edit' button next to the app. Select the appropriate choice.

5. The app screen contains many details, most of which are entirely at the user's discretion. The only entry of significance is the 'Redirect URI' field that must be accurately completed.

The Redirect URI must give the exact address of your Matillion ETL instance followed by '/oauth_redirect.html'. For example:

6. If the requested information is entered correctly, a Client ID and Client Secret are generated and shown at the bottom of the information screen. Make note of these.

7. Finally return to the API Keys screen and click 'Generate A Key'. This will generate an API key that you should make a note of to complete OAuth for Mailchimp.

Now that you have a Client ID, Client Secret and API Key, see Setting up OAuth in Matillion ETL to finish the configuration.