Project Sharing


It is possible for users to create a project that is private and unavailable to other users. This project can have access permissions edited to allow other users access. This requires:

When creating a project upon entering a new Matillion ETL instance or through Project → Switch Project → Create Project. Ensure that Private Project is checked. If this option is not present, it means that you have no security settings enabled.

See documentation on Connecting to an Instance for more.

See documentation on Connecting to an Instance for more.

See documentation on Connecting to an Instance for more.


When the project is created, it will work identically to any other project with the exception that it is not shared with all other users. To edit the access permissions, use Project → Manage Project.
At the bottom of the Manage Project window there will be a list of all users registered with this Matillion Instance and checkboxes by each that will allow and disallow access.

Note: Users MUST have logged into the instance at least once to appear on this list.

  • The 'Access' checkboxes: When checked, allow that specific user to see and access the project and jobs within.
  • The 'Admin' checkboxes: When checked, will allow a user to edit this access list. Thus, at least one user must have admin privileges at any given time. Without any 'Admin' boxes checked, this window cannot be confirmed.
  • The 'Public Administration': When checked, will allow every user full privileges by default. In effect, it checked every box for every user as well as automatically giving the same privileges to new users.
  • The 'Public Users': When checked, will allow access for every user and future user, but makes no difference to who you decide to give admin privileges to.

Note: Most API calls will be disabled or have severely reduced functionality if a user does not have access to the required project.