ServiceNow 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Setting Up Your ServiceNow Account

Begin by logging into your ServiceNow developer account. Here you should be able to see some details of your instance. Take note of the instance address and click the link to manage the instance. You will need to log into the instance.


Now in the System Administration area for your instance, browse to the 'Application Registry' available in the left-hand menu. If you have an API endpoint that you wish to use, select it. Otherwise, click the blue 'New' button, then 'Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients'.

This new endpoint can be named anything you like and requires no further changes. Click the 'Submit' button to return to the list. Now, new or old, select your endpoint and take note of the Client ID and Client Secret. The Client Secret can be exposed in plain text by clicking the padlock icon beside it.


Setting Up Your Matillion ETL Instance

Log into your Matillion ETL instance and open the Manage OAuth window via the Project Menu.
Inside the Manage OAuth window you can add a new OAuth Entry by clicking the + button at the lower-left. This will create a dialog box where you should select 'ServiceNow' as the Service and name the entry whatever you like.

Now added to the list, this entry can be selected and configured using the cogwheel icon to the right of its name.

This will reveal 5 fields to enter the following details:

  • Client ID : The ClientID taken from the endpoint page.
  • Client Secret : The Client Secret taken from the endpoint page.
  • ServiceNow Instance : The subdomain ID of your ServiceNow instance. e.g. the 'dev12965' in ''
  • Username : The username used to log into the instance mentioned above.
  • Password : The password used to log into the instance mentioned above.

With these details entered, click OK to close the window and save the details. Note that reopening this window will not display these details as they are not available for viewing, but can be overwritten by repeating this process.

You are now free to close the Manage OAuth window and use this entry in your ServiceNow Query component. In the component, simply select this entry from the dropdown menu in the 'Authentication' property.