PayPal 3rd Party OAuth Setup

Setting Up Your PayPal Account (REST)

Log into your PayPal developer account and access the dashboard. From there, click 'My Apps & Credentials' from the Dashboard menu on the left-hand side.

On the Apps page, scroll down to 'REST API apps'. From here, you can select existing apps from the list or create a new one. Clicking the 'Create App' button allows you to enter a name of your choice and select which account the app belongs to. Click 'Create App' to continue.

Whether you created a new app or selected an old one, you can now view the details of this app. Click the blue 'Show' button to reveal the Client Secret and take note of both the Client ID and the Client Secret.


Setting Up Your Matillion ETL Instance (REST)

Log into your Matillion ETL instance and open the Manage OAuth window through the Project Menu. Once in Manage OAuth, a new entry can be made by clicking the + button in the lower-left corner. Enter any name you like and ensure to select PayPal from the 'Service' dropdown menu. Press OK.

Now select your new OAuth entry from the Manage OAuth list. Click the cogwheel icon beside its name to bring up a configuration menu containing 2 fields.

Enter the Client ID and Client Server taken from PayPal in the previous section and then press OK to close the window. Note: Ensure there is no erroneous whitespace before or after these details as might be included from copy/pasting from the PayPal site and can interfere with validation.

Close the OAuth window and you are now ready to select this OAuth setup from the 'Authentication' property in the PayPal Query component.

Note 1: For REST APIs with PayPal, you can only retrieve records that have been generated through a REST API transaction.

Note 2: If you are using a REST API set up in a PayPal sandbox, ensure you set the 'UseSandbox' connection property to 'true'.


Finding Your API Details (SOAP)

SOAP API requires 3 details from your PayPal developer account: a username, password and signature. It is important to note that these are not necessarily the details you are using to log into your developer account.

Begin by logging into your PayPal developer dashboard. At the left-side, click on 'Accounts' and a list of associated accounts should be listed. Click an email address to expand the option and click the revealed 'Profile' button.

A new 'Account Details' dialogue box should appear. Select the 'API Credentials' tab to find the SOAP details for this account. Take note of the Username, Password and Signature.

Now return to you Matillion ETL instance and select your PayPal Query component. Ensure the 'Service Type' property is set to SOAP, which should then reveal properties for Username, Password and Signature.

The rest of the component can be set up as usual. See the PayPal Query documentation for more details.