Dynamics 365 Business Central OAuth Details

The following page describes the process of setting up the four critical authentication Properties in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Query component for Matillion ETL:

  • Organization Url
  • Company
  • User
  • Access Key

If you're looking to configure the rest of this component's Properties, please read our complete Dynamics 365 Business Central Query component documentation.


Organization Url

As explained in our Dynamics 365 Business Central Query documentation, the Organization Url property is the organization URL of your Dynamics 365 Business Central account.

Your Organization URL will always have the following syntax:


In less technical terms, that looks like this:


After this universal section of the URL string, however, the URL will take a unique shape based on the page you're requesting that the web client open, as in the blurred out text of our Organization URL (see the image immediately below).


For more information on URL syntax, please visit Microsoft's Web Client URL documentation page.



This Property requires you to enter the company name in your Dynamics 365 Business Central account. The blurred text in the next image designates the location of your company name on the homepage once you have logged into Dynamics 365 Business Central.


As you can see in the image, your company name (the above blurred text) is near the very top left of the web page. Your company name will be in bold black text.



To acquire the User property, we now need to navigate from the far left of the navigation bar to the far right. Click on the lightbulb, as in the below image.


Once you click on the lightbulb, a search window appears exactly like in the following image:


In the search bar, type "User" and the search bar will automatically provide results. In this case, click the first result, "Users" underneath the text Go to Pages and Tasks.


You are then directed to a page that displays any current Users in your Dynamics 365 Business Central account. To complete the "User" Property for the query component in Matillion ETL, you want the spotlighted User Name as shown in the image below. In our case, this name is DEVELOPMENT. This may differ for you depending on the User Name you chose. If you need to add a User, click New (directly above "User Name"), and complete the form.


Access Key

The final credential you need before you can access your Data Sources is the Access Key. The first step to locate your Access Key is to click on your User Name. In our case here, we click on DEVELOPMENT.

Then, taken to the window in the next image, you will be able to find your Web Service Access Key under the Web Service Access menu. If your Access Key has an expiry date, it will be displayed in the field beneath the Access Key.

Once you have filled out these four authentication credentials in Matillion ETL, you will be able to access your Data Sources.