Getting Started


Can someone help me with the connectivity configuration for quick base , not getting any help manual for the same.

Access ETL on Azure via Public IP

I have an Azure instance of Matillion running but I am unable to connect to it. The documentation says to connect "via its listed Public IP Address". What is the...

CDC from Oracle to Snowflake

Can Matillion be used to capture changes (CDC) from an on-premise Oracle database and push them to Snowflake please? I've been able to find information about doing CDC to Redshift,...


Not able to import project json STEP 1 : Export : curl -X GET -u azure-user:XXXXXX -H "Content-Type: application/json" "" > matillion_poc.json STEP 2 : curl -X POST -u azure-user:XXXXXXXXX...

Retrieving Data from DoubleClick (Google) Campaign Manager

I am trying to import data from Doubleclick Campaign Manager ( Is there a way to access this data from Matillion? I am looking for a built in component like...

How to load files from local storage

Hi, I've just started using Matillion for Snowflake and I'm trying to load data from some local xls files into tables I've already created in Snowflake. I don't know which...

Initial Login

Trying to login to mu instance - but once we enter ec2-user and instance is as password the [age says wrong password

API v1

Does anyone have a working example of a v1 call to run an Orchestration Job? I see lots of v0 examples, but I can't figure out how to pass variables...

Consolidated Schedule/Task History

Is there a way to see a consolidated set of Schedules for a Project Group? A consolidated Task History for a Project Group?

How to connect local sql server from matillion

Hi , I am not able connect to SQL Server (it is in local network). I am getting timed out error. Please help me. Thanks, Chandra.