Xero 3rd Party OAuth

The following steps instruct on how to set up OAuth with Xero for use in Matillion ETL. Once set up, the authorisation is valid for up to 2 years.

1: Go to Manage OAuth in Matillion

2: Make a new OAuth entry for Zero

3: When configuring it, hit "Generate Certificate" and download the certificate.

4: Log into your Xero Developer account.

5: Browse to the 'My Apps' page using the menu on the top bar.

6: On the My Apps page, Click 'New App'. 

7: Select a Private App on the new dialog.

8: Fill in the App details; Name and Organisation.

9: Drag the certificate you downloaded earlier from Matillion ETL into the 'Public Key' field.

10: Agree to conditions and click 'Create App'

11: Select the app you made.

12: Copy 'Consumer Key' into Matillion ETL's Client ID field.

13: Copy 'Consumer Secret' into Matillion ETL's Client Secret field.

14: Click 'OK' to finalise the OAuth setup.