Bing Ads 3rd Party OAuth

Setting Up a Bing Ads Authentication

This article will help you set up a useable OAuth for the "Authentication" property within the Bing Ads Query component.

1. Go to the Microsoft Application Portal and log in with your account credentials.

2. Click the Add an app button.


3. Give your new App a name. Then, click the Create application button.


4. Once your app is created, you will be taken to that app's page. Your app will now have an "Application Id", located under the "Name" field. This long string will be your Client ID for use within the Matillion ETL "Manage OAuth" wizard later on.


5. Next, click the Generate New Password button, and store your generated password in a safe place. This password will be your Client Secret for use within the Matillion ETL "Manage OAuth" wizard later on.


6. Click the Generate New Key Pair button, and provide a password, which you should store for further use.


7. Click the Add Platform button, and then click Web when the next pane loads. At this point, you need to fill in the "Redirect URLs" field. The string for this field is acquired in Matillion ETL.


8. Therefore, in a separate tab, return to Matillion ETL and double click the "Authentication" property row within the Bing Ads Query component. From here, click the Manage button; this will load the "Manage OAuth" wizard. You can also reach this feature by clicking the Project button in the top-left of the Matillion ETL user interface and clicking "Manage OAuth".


9. In the Manage OAuth window, create a new OAuth by clicking the + button. Then, COPY the Callback URL.


10. Once you've done this, click on the gear/cog icon next to your newly created OAuth. This will take you to a window with numerous fields to complete to configure the OAuth for use in Matillion ETL. The first two fields, Client ID and Client Secret, require your Application Id and Password from steps 4 and 5 (above).

11. Return to the Microsoft Application Portal tab and paste the copied Callback URL into the "Redirect URLs" field.


12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Next, you need to acquire the credentials for the remaining fields in the "Configure OAuth" wizard within Matillion ETL: Developer Token, Customer ID, and Account ID.

13. In a new tab, log into your Bing Ads account.

14. Once you have logged in, click your account name at the top-right of the page, then click Accounts & Billing.


15. In the account overview page, take note of your Account ID and Customer ID, and use these in their respective fields in the Matillion ETL Configure OAuth wizard.


16. Next, log in to the Bing Ads Developer Portal as a Microsoft Acccount user with the Bing Ads Super Admin role. Click the Request Token button and take note of this Developer Token. This string goes into the "Developer Token" field in the Matillion ETL Configure OAuth wizard.

Note: If you are using a sandbox environment, you can use the universal Bing Ads sandbox developer token: BBD37VB98


17. As per the picture below, you should have now acquired the information for the Client ID, Client Secret, Developer Token, Customer ID, and Account ID fields. Below, we have used the universal sandbox developer token and the "Use Sandbox" field is set to "Yes". Once you have completed these fields, click Next.


18. Click Authorization link.


19. Click Yes upon being redirected to a Microsoft verification page.


Upon successful authentication, you will be returned to Matillion ETL.


As per the image below, your new Bing Ads OAuth will now be "Configured" and ready to use.