LinkedIn 3rd Party OAuth

Configuring an OAuth for LinkedIn Query

When using the LinkedIn Query component, users will be prompted to choose an Authentication option, which must be configured through Matillion ETL's Manage OAuth window. This setup requires users to retrieve a Client ID and Client Secret for an App built on the Linkedin Developer site.

Users can follow these simple steps to complete their LinkedIn OAuth configuration:

1. Visit and log in to the LinkedIn Developer site.

2. Click the Create App button.


3. Fill out section 1 of the form, providing an 'App name', a 'Company', a 'Business email', and an 'App logo'.


4. Tick the terms agreement box in section 3, further down the page. Then, click Create App.


5. You will then be taken to your new App page. In the navigation bar, click "Auth", and make a note of your Client ID and Client Secret (click the "eye" icon to see the Client Secret"). Then, in the third box down (OAuth 2.0 settings), click the pencil to add a Redirect URL.


Meanwhile, in Matillion ETL, create an OAuth Entry, as per the below screenshot.


Once the Entry is created, it will be present in the user's Manage OAuth window. Copy the Callback URL, which you will paste into the LinkedIn Developer site next.


6. Paste the Callback URL into the Redirect URLs field. Click Update.


LinkedIn will then show the Permissions.


7. Back in Matillion ETL, click the cog on your Oauth Entry. Paste your Client ID and Client Secret, and then click Next.


8. Click "Authorization Link"


9. Click "Allow" upon being directed to the LinkedIn permission page.


10. Provided you have followed the above steps, the OAuth configure should be successful.


Your new OAuth Entry for the LinkedIn Query component should now be ready to use.