Zoho CRM 3rd Party OAuth

In order to use the Zoho CRM Query component, you are required to set up an App for the Matillion ETL OAuth Manager to connect to. A brief guide to setting up such an App is given below.

1. Login to your Zoho developer console: https://accounts.zoho.eu/developerconsole

2. To begin making an App, click Add Client ID.

3. Configure the Client ID by giving it any name and domain.

4. Add an Authorized redirect URL as given on the Manage OAuth screen of your Matillion ETL instance. This should take the format:


4. Click Create to create the Client ID and display your Client ID and Client Secret which you should make a note of.

5. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret into the Matillion ETL client where prompted.

If you have any questions about this process or you are having problems recreating the steps shown here, please do not hesitate to Contact Support.