Shopify 3rd Party OAuth

In order to use the Shopify Query component, you are required to provide several details from your Shopify account. The properties in question are:
  • Shop URL
  • App Id
  • Password
The core of these details is in the App created through your Shopify account.

1. Go to your Shopify account and log in. Go to your Private Apps section which will be located at a URL such as below:


2. Click Create a new private app.

3. Enter your App details such as a name and email address.

4. Click Review disabled Admin AP permissions and ensure that all permissions are set to Read access.

5. Ensure that the checkbox for access to Storefront API is checked.

6. Click Save and you will be taken to the admin page for your new App.

7. Take the API Key as your App Id and the Password as your Password.

8. Finally, browse to Online Store -> Domains and take the Domain Name for your shop as the Shop URL.

8. Use the details gathered above to enter your Shop URL, App Id and Password into the Shopify Query component. Incorrect details or App setup is likely to cause data loading to fail.

If you have any questions about this process or you are having problems recreating the steps shown here, please do not hesitate to Contact Support.