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Redshift to Snowflake Migration

We're currently considering Snowflake in addition to or instead of Redshift. A few questions have arisen:

1. What is the process for transitioning from Matillion for Redshift to Matillion for Snowflake? Would we be able to export/import, or have to start over from scratch, or somewhere in the middle?

2. How similar are the supported features of Matillion for Snowflake vs. Matillion for Redshift? Are there noteworthy capabilities we would gain or lose by transitioning?


3 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Harpreet Singh —

Hi Eric,

At this point if you want to transition from Matillion for Redshift to Matillion for Snowflake simple export and import would not work since they are different architecture. It would require some effort and may be services engagement to transition from one platform to another. However in the future we have some tools on the Roadmap that would help migrate from one platform to another platform.

As far as 2 products are concerned some features like Alter warehouse component/Flatten Variant component are available only on Snowflake. Redshift has some features(DynamoDB component) that are not available on Snowflake.

Harpreet Singh

Paul Lewis —


I'm also looking for a migration path to convert existing jobs from using a Redshift source to Snowflake. In your 2017 post you suggest tools are in the works to make this process easier. have they been released? Are they in Beta that we could help test?

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Paul,

It’s still on our long term roadmap, but unfortunately has not made it into the product yet.

At this time we’re still looking at a short services engagement to make those conversions.

Best regards,

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