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Store query result to variable

Is there any way to store query result to variable in Transformation job ?

I want to save single output value from SQL component to variable and the use it in my orchestration job

3 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Hanumanth,

Yes you can do this by using the python scripting component in an orchestration job and using the Jython interpreter. An example of storing the rowcount of mytable in a variable would be:

cursor = context.cursor()
cursor.execute(‘select count(*) from mytable’)
rowcount = cursor.fetchone()0

Hanumanth Andela —

Thanks Paul, The SQL component operation is based on preceding component (detect Changes component), so can we use mytable as $T{input-name} in python component ?

Matillion Agent  

Kalyan Arangam —

Hi Hanumanth,

You cannot store the results of a transformation job directly into a variable. Any SQL generated is pushed to Snowflake and we do not retrieve any results.

For your requirement, I would recommend using a CreateView transformation component to create a view with the necessary sql and then use the python script component in your orchestration job to read a value from this view and assign to a local variable.

Paul has already share the code that may be used in your python component to read from Snowflake.

Hope that makes sense.


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