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get status job web services v1

Hi I can use v1 web services with python to check status of tasks and also to start tasks. However I need to get the current (last) status of a task based on its name (group, project, name) and not ID. Is there a simple way to do this given that the job could have multiple statuses so I assume not (i.e. it could be running and queued). if not do I need to get all jobs currently running and queued and parse through them and if so how do I do that?

Below workd for getting status of a specific Task ID but I need to know whether the job is currently running or queued


taskID = 9999

url = 'http://{ip}/rest/v1/task/id/{task_id}'.format(
ip = matillionIP,
task_id = taskID

resp = requests.get(url,auth=HTTPBasicAuth(myUser, myPW))
print('could not connect')



jobStatus = str(data['state'])
startTime = str(data['startTime'])
endTime = str(data['endTime'])

3 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Dan D'Orazio —

Hello -

We have a support article here that attempts to map the various API v1 endpoints. For more details, you can also send a request to the /rest/v1 and the response will include the endpoints, their arguments, etc.

If I understand the use-case correctly, I believe you can accomplish this by making multiple calls, using the output of one (or parts of the output) as the input(s) into additional calls.

Best -

brian swarbrick —

I was using the below (which format does not align with the doco which brings backs jobs for a specific name - but it does not show if job running or queued (only completed) - can u point me to the section where I can find out what is queued



Matillion Agent  

Dan D'Orazio —

Hi Brian -

The following endpoint should show jobs that are QUEUED and RUNNING.


Best -

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