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Connect to localhost oracle DB XE to Matilion


As a part of our organization data migration from Oracle On-Prem to Snowflake. I'm working on trial edition of Matiliion and Snowflake to showcase a working prototype. I have a local oracle XE DB loaded with our sample dataset which is unable to access from Matillion.But Connection bw snowflake and Matillion works fine. Please share the appropriate guide to connect with On-Prem server.

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

You will need to ensure that the matillion instance has access to the source database. Often this means white-listing the ip address of the matillion instance and ensuring the appropriate ports are open.

You can follow the tips in this article for help troubleshooting your network connectivity.


Learning AtThirty —

I managed to lift more access privilege over my network and voila it works.Thanks a lot paul!!

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