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Calling functions & Procedures

Our current data base is Oracle and all the batches are developed in PLSQL. Now we are moving to Azure and Matillion as ETL and db as snowflake.

Can we have possibility to call the function and procedures of snowflake using Matillion ETL?
If yes could you please provide the steps. how to follow. i am new to the Matillion tool.


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Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Satya,

Many thanks for you question.
You can execute functions and stored procedures in Snowflake from Matillion simply using the ‘SQL Script’ component within an orchestration job.
You can also call Snowflake functions from the ‘Calculator’ or ‘SQL’ components within a transformation job.
Something to consider, If you are migrating ETL written in Oracle PLSQL then it may be simpler and quicker to implement that logic using the Matillion transformation components than to try and migrate that logic into snowflake procedures.

Here are some links to our support pages which may help

Hope that helps,

Kind Regards,


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