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S3 Integration


I am wondering if I am able to run etl on data in located in s3 buckets. Currently, its my understanding that I can use Matillion to load data from S3 to Snowflake or create an external table in snowflake that references the s3 bucket location. I am interested in how matillion can be used as a generic etl tool that can run etl on data in s3 without loading to snowflake or creating external tables in snowflake. I am particularly interested in integration with the AWS glue catalog as a metadata source for the data in S3. The primary use case would be matillion as an etl tool for data and metadata in s3 and aws glue catalog.

Thank you.

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Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Matthew,
This is a use case Matillion does not currently support.
Fundamentally because the architecture is ELT and we leverage the data warehouse as our compute resource to perform transformations. The Redshift version of Matillion will allow you to leverage Redshift Spectrum which can do something very similar, depending on the type of queries you want to run. Something like Amazon Athena is what I would recommend here.


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