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I saw that you have NetSuite - ERP connector for RedShift, are you planning to add one for snowflake?

In general, how long does it take to add new connectors for snowflake?
We are interested in :


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Matillion Agent  

Kalyan Arangam —

Hi Tal,

We already have a netsuite query component. Please see here –

Coming to the others (Demisto, Greenhouse, UltiPro), there is no guarantee we will build a connector for them. We add it to a `Connector requests` list. It is up to engineering to decide which one is selected and when its implemented. Selection is usually based on customer demand and whether its feasible to build a connector for that API.

I will add these to connectors list.

If this is a current requirement for you, I ‘d recommend looking into the API Query component or Python Script to import necessary data.
Here’s a document to get you started on using our “API Query component” –

Hope that helps


Tal Saar —

Thanks for your response!
The existing NetSuite query connector is under CRM & Marketing, I'm looking for the one that under ERP ( I saw that you have it for redshift but not for snowflake).

Matillion Agent  

Veronica Kupetz —

Hi Tal,

I reviewed both Matillion for Snowflake and Matillion for Redshift products and the Netsuite Query Component is available within the same location in the Component menu: Load/Unload —> CRM & Marketing Automation. If there are any other questions, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Tal Saar —

I'm looking for the Netsuite connector that under ERP and this one doesn't exist in Matillion for Snowflake.
Are you planning to add it sometime soon?

Matillion Agent  

Damian Chan —

Hello Tal,

Thank you for providing the link. So on that page, if you scroll further down you’ll see a section saying Useful Links. Those links actually take you to our Netsuite Query component which is available in both Snowflake and Redshift and can be found under the Component menu: Load/Unload —> CRM & Marketing Automation. Once you’ve set up the authentication for the component you’ll be able to pull in various different sources from Netsuite.

Best Regards,

Tal Saar —

Thanks for the clarification!

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