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Error Creating New Proejct

I am trying to create a new project and the process fails with error message:

User [****] failed to create an Environment in the newly created Project in the Project Group with ID [31399]. The maximum number of environments has been reached.

I have removed all unnecessary projects and have 25 projects (as per DB query) including private projects. I thought the xlarge instance allowed 25 environments/projects.

Instance Size: m5.xlarge
Version: 1.38.9 (build 326

Is the pre-delete number of projects cached or stored int he DB some where or do I need to restart Matillion to reset the number of projects after deleting the old projects?

1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Dan D'Orazio —

Hi Andrew -

Each project contains at least one named environment, necessarily. If I understand correctly, and you have 25 remaining projects after the removal of those you identified as unnecessary, then the remaining 25 projects are taking all available named environments as well.

Best -

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